WordPress consultancy

Sometimes the learning curve is just a little too steep

WordPress is great—you get a ton of stuff for free and it’s by far the most popular website builder available today. But behind that friendly user interface there is a lot of complexity—and frankly you’ve got a million and one other things on your plate right now.

Two hikers at foot of a mountain to illustrate the learning curve of learning WordPress

WordPress consultancy

WordPress has been our go-to platform for the majority of web projects since 2011. It provides a flexible, intuitive platform that enables our customers to quickly and easily update and manage website content themselves whenever they like.

Setting up WordPress is straightforward—honestly, anyone can do it. But with our knowledge and experience we can help you to avoid the legwork and rookie mistakes. And when we hand over the keys to your new WordPress account you’ll have a shiny new website that is good to go. And best of all you can drive it away yourself knowing that the engine is tuned up and the wheels won’t fall off when you put your foot down.

Taking it to the next level

WordPress takes a modular approach, separating your content from the design and functionality. This makes it easier to develop and extend your website over time. If you decide to completely overhaul your website’s look and feel in three years’ time we just install a new theme. Do you need a shopping cart or a members only area for your VIP customers? We can install a plugin for that. A WordPress website can grow and evolve alongside your business.

Put simply, this means that whatever you want your website to do, we can achieve it in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Good enough is good enough

We’re committed to delivering great value, so if we think your needs can be met with an off-the-shelf product then that is what we will recommend. There are thousands of commercial WordPress themes available for just a few dollars and our curated suite of plugins will provide all the extras you are likely to need—generating and capturing leads, making it easier for your customers to get in touch, helping your site to load faster and keeping it safe and secure.

If we can’t find an existing WordPress theme or plugin that does what you need then we can build you one that will. Whether that’s a custom designed WordPress theme that epitomises your brand, or a bespoke WordPress plugin that feeds website enquiries directly in to your CRM we can help you leverage the benefits and value of WordPress in a way that is tailored to your business.

If you want to harness the power of WordPress for your business and take control of your online business then contact us today using the form below, call us on 01482 242000 or send an email to hello@artandsoul.co.uk.

WordPress Consultancy Case Studies

Custom WordPress theme by East Yorkshire WordPress developer Art & Soul

Atlas Leisure Homes

We saved our client hours of repetitive work and made it easier to maintain an online catalogue of evolving products.

Example of custom WordPress theme for East Yorkshire business


We simplified the process of creating and updating a lightweight and responsive online product catalogue and website.

Custom WordPress theme developed in East Yorkshire by Art & Soul

Comitti Boats UK

We developed a WordPress theme to encapsulate the client’s luxury brand values and deliver lightning-fast page loading speeds.