Website care plans

Launching your website is just the beginning

Just like your home or your car, a website needs regular maintenance and a little TLC to ensure consistent and trouble-free running. But even when you run a tight ship things sometimes go wrong due to circumstances beyond your control.

Team of maintenance worker, health care worker and security guard to look after your website

Website care plans

A website is a complex system comprising many interdependent components. When everything is working it’s the always-open shop window and virtual salesperson for your business, not to mention a regular source of new customers. But every well-oiled machine neeeds, well… oiling.

The software that runs your website will need updating regularly—out of date software is one of the main reasons that websites get hacked. You should also scan regularly for malware. Spotting and removing problems early is far better than closing the stable door after the horse has bolted—and hopefully means there will be fewer pieces to pick up after the fact.

Up or down?

Then there is uptime monitoring. Getting an email from your customer on a Monday morning to say that your website has been down all weekend is embarrassing—and hardly the best way to start your week. And not all customers are that helpful. Fortunately there are services that will regularly check the status of your website 24/7 and let you know as soon as something goes wrong. Which is great—if you know how to fix the problem of course.

When your new website launches and we hand over the keys we’ll also present you with a copy of our Website Owner’s Manual. This is a handy reference document containing technical information about your website—such as contact details for key areas of responsibility, troubleshooting tips and a maintenance schedule for you to implement. This lists the daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance tasks that are required.

But most people who buy a car don’t carry out servicing and repairs themselves—they leave that to a trusted expert. And it’s the same with a website. We can do all this for you if you subscribe to one of our website care plans.

Protect your investment

Our website care plans are designed to relieve you of the burden of carrying out the routine maintenance yourself. Let’s face it, unfamiliar tasks always take a disproportionate amount of time to complete—and if you have other priorities then they may not get done at all. And when something does eventually go wrong, even the most resourceful person can spend hours and hours clicking through search results to identify a problem and find a fix.

We do this stuff every day—and we have systems and processes in place to get it done efficiently and easily. So leaving the job to us gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and frees up your precious time. And as we all know, time is money.

As for that peace of mind? Priceless!

Our Care Plans

Basics Plan

Basic protection for third-party hosting


quarterly (plus VAT)

WordPress core updates

WordPress theme updates

Security and malware scanning

Premium licensed plugins included**

WordPress plugin updates*

Performa Plan

Regular tune-up and reporting


per month (plus VAT)

Everything in Essentials

Minor content changes

WooCommerce plugin updates

Community plugin updates

Content review

On-page search optimisation

Monthly traffic report

Monthly search report

Essentials Plan

Basic security and peace of mind


per month (plus VAT)

Everything in Basics

Includes standard web hosting

24/7 uptime monitoring

Daily site backups

*Excludes WooCommerce and community management (BuddyPress, bbPress, MemberPress, etc.).
**Benefit from access to a curated suite of premium plugins through our pro and developer licences—over £400 per year value.