Web application development

What if your business doesn’t fit the mould?

To be truly successful you need a USP—something than is uniquely YOU. But when you do things differently it can be difficult to find a ready-made solution to your specific problem.

Jazzy sax player in a crowd of business suits to illustrate that a custom web application could benefit your business if it doesn't fit the mould

Web application development

Not every business is the same. Each has different needs and different priorities. But for the majority of applications—for example a corporate website or online shop—there is often sufficient common ground to make a good fit with a generic, customisable solution like WordPress.

Perhaps your website has niche requirements with a very specific feature set. Maybe you need an online application providing a tightly-focussed set of tools that run super-efficiently to cope with high levels of demand. Or it could be that you’d like a public-facing web portal that integrates with other complex or bespoke systems that are critical to your business.

In scenarios like these, off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it.

Powerful tools made specifically for your business

With our proven track record in designing, developing and delivering web-based software we can help you bring your big ideas to life—creating bespoke web applications that engage your customers and improve your online business relationships.

Keeping your business aims in mind, we can develop web-based systems to help you achieve a variety of goals, from educating your customers and improving online sales, to implementing effective client management systems and improving the perception of your brand.

Previous projects for our clients have included:

  • Job allocation and management systems
  • Tools for delivering online training and members-only videos
  • Interactive product specification tools
  • Complex calculation tools

We will work closely with you to develop bespoke web-based systems that are designed to meet specific needs and challenges within your business—helping you to increase customer engagement and offering the potential for significant cost savings in the process.

Unlike many agencies, you won’t find us outsourcing development work to offshore code farms. Everything we build is crafted in-house, and to the highest standards. We do, however, take a pragmatic, value-driven approach, leveraging the power and convenience of tried and tested open source and commercial frameworks where appropriate. This ensures you get a robust, reliable web application that produces real, measurable results and returns on your investment.

To learn more about how we can improve the profitability of your business with a custom-built web application, contact us today using the form below, call us on 01482 242000 or send an email to hello@artandsoul.co.uk.

Web Application Case Studies

Technical online heatloss calculator web application

Stelrad STARS

We developed a web-based product specification tool for Stelrad, helping them to improve engagement and raise product awareness.

Custom built web application for loyalty club membership system

Stelrad Loyalty Club

We developed a web portal for Stelrad’s Loyalty Club to rapidly scale from a paper-based pilot scheme to a nationwide program.

Example of custom payment integration with Stripe payment gateway

PowerPlus Payments

We built a web-based payment system to integrate with our client’s bespoke web portal for delivering health and safety training.