Web-based loyalty scheme for UK’s leading radiator manufacturer

Case Study: Stelrad Radiators Loyalty Club

We developed a web portal for Stelrad’s Loyalty Club which improved efficiency, increased customer engagement and helped rapidly scale from a paper-based pilot scheme to a nationwide program.

Custom built web application for loyalty club membership system

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of radiators, Stelrad is well positioned in terms of brand recognition and market share. However, with the majority of sales being through distributors and retail channels they are a step removed from their real customer base, making it difficult to market to—and build relationships with—the majority of purchasers of their products.

Their solution was to offer customers the opportunty to earn points based on the products that they purchase. These points can be redeemed against other Stelrad products and branded merchandise. A pilot scheme was launched offline in December 2018 and in the following spring we were commissioned to build a web-based portal so the scheme could be scaled up and rolled out across the UK.

Working with Stelrad’s marketing and IT departments we developed a web application to provide online registration and account management and a custom shopping cart so that customers can spend the points they have accrued. Customer data is automatically fed in Stelrad’s CRM system to facilitate targeted email marketing based on the members’ current points balance and special offers.

Stelrad staff have access to simple tools for managing customer records, awarding points and processing claims. Administrators can quickly see KPIs and performance statistics on a neat graphical dashboard.

We’re delighted with the rapid growth of membership of our Installer Loyalty Club. We have seen significant enhancement of customer engagement and increased efficiency as a result of the integration of our Loyalty Club registration and membership processes with our CRM and Mailchimp activities for marketing. We’ve taken a major step forward as a result of these activities.

Sarah Baker marketing communications manager at Stelrad lead contact on web application development project

Sarah Baker

Marketing Communications Manager · Stelrad Radiator Group