Custom WordPress theme for East Yorkshire marketing agency

Case Study: Comitti custom WordPress theme

We provided WordPress consultancy and developed a custom WordPress theme to encapsulate the client’s luxury brand values and deliver lightning-fast page loading speeds.

Custom WordPress theme developed in East Yorkshire by Art & Soul

Comitti Boats UK & Caribbean is the UK and Caribbean distributor for the last surviving manufacturer of classic wooden speedboats located on Lake Como in Italy. The company launched in 2020 with help from our client RED, a design and marketing agency based here in East Yorkshire.

Initially we acted in a consultancy role, working closely with RED’s inhouse design team during the website design phase. We then took the resulting design visuals and developed a custom WordPress theme to reflect the quality and craftsmanship that underpins the Comitti brand.

The theme was built using ASpect—our in-house WordPress development framework—allowing us to quickly and easily incorporate enhancements to WordPress without resorting to a wieldy and potentially volatile cocktail of plugins. The end result was a WordPress theme that not only looks fantastic, meticulously realising the designer’s original vision, but is lightweight and robust.

I’m really happy with how our designs have been brought to life in such an impactful and user-friendly website. Post-launch the website received positive feedback with comments such as “amazing… it draws you in to want to see more”. A big thank you to Duncan for his invaluable support throughout.

East Yorkshire graphic designer Matt Russell

Matt Russell

Graphic Designer · RED International Communication Ltd