Custom web application with payments system for training portal

Case Study: PowerPlus Group payments portal integration

We built a web-based payment system to integrate with our client’s bespoke web portal for delivering health and safety training and supporting documentation to their customers.

Example of custom payment integration with Stripe payment gateway

The PowerPlus Group has established itself as the UK’s largest supplier of site induction and safety services. A major part of its business involves the delivery of site induction training videos via a custom-built web portal. The system provides PowerPlus customers with certification and accountability for individual users who must undergo induction training prior to site visits.

When PowerPlus won their contract with Highways England they were required to provide subcontractor training. Many of these workers would be attending remote job sites around the country at short notice and out of hours. A system was needed that would allow third-party contractors to cover their own staff induction costs by pre-purchasing virtual token credits to use on the training portal.

PowerPlus asked us to develop a custom payments portal which bolts on to their existing bespoke system. Working closely with their established developer we built a platform that securley integrated with the Stripe online payment gateway and seamlessly exchanged data with the induction portal. A lightweight admin system was added to give PowerPlus staff full visibility of transaction histories and basic administration tools.

The addition of tightly integrated card payments has opened up the potential for increased profitability and growth for their established induction training system. The future looks bright for PowerPlus.

I’ve personally worked with Duncan for many years now on complex projects, so it was no surprise that he was my first port of call when we required a solution for the payment token part of our Highways England project. It wasn’t an easy solution but Duncan once again worked his way through the project professionally and diligently and gave us a solution that we’re completely happy with. Would I recommend him to others… of course!

Graham Boanas is a happy customer of East Yorkshire web application developer Art & Soul

Graham Boanas

Managing Director · The PowerPlus Group Ltd